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Hi, I'm Joshua



I was raised by a proud working-class family who had to sacrifice to put me through college which began at Heartland Community College as a part-time student while balancing an almost full-time food service job. What I adore most about Heartland is how the College gave me the space to find myself, my skills, and my passions—setting me up for a lifetime of success—which is precisely what I know Heartland has the potential to do for us all.


Whether serving as Heartland’s Student Trustee or working to bring change to our incredible community, I have long felt that a leader ought to have a heart to see people succeed which means pouring into those around me and bringing people in from the margins.


I’ve spent my days working as a local organizer fighting for the issues that impact our community the most. This is because I believe that when we show up, speak out, and engage in the tough conversations, people start to listen and we begin to build a community that we can all be proud of.


I Believe In...

An Inclusive and Equitable Campus for all Students 

Vocational Training and Technical Education 


Fiscal Responsibility

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